I'm a self-employed consultant under my company named Sade Studio. I get hired to tackle communication, behaviour change and innovation challenges. As a project-lead for research, strategies, ideas and copy. Or as a facilitator and keynote speaker for workshops and master classes.

At the same time, I'm working on my own projects that create a positive impact (however big or small). For an idea, check De Uitdaging or Fruit Stage in my 'Work'-section.

Behavioural Design Camp @Wiesbaden - Picture by

Behavioural Design Camp @Wiesbaden - Picture by


Director - Behavioural Design Academy
Insights Lead - SUE Amsterdam
Behaviour Strategist - SUE Amsterdam
Strategic Planner (Intern) - BBDO Belgium

Belgian Advertising School - Thomas More
Master of Laws - KULeuven

Scrum Master - Xebia Academy
Persuasion Design - Buyerminds Academy

I graduated as a lawyer. But that feels like a lifetime ago. I realized that law didn't satisfy my cravings. I wanted to create an impact. A positive one. And law didn't have the dynamics. The innovation. The creativity. All the things I was longing for. 
So I turned my life around and chose a different path. I became intrigued by the power of communication. In all of its nuances. Which led me to apply for the Belgian Advertising School.

Communications was definitely more of my thing. But at the same time I became frustrated by the way communication was being practiced. All gut feeling. All ego. Barely anyone taking human psychology as a venture point. Nobody was really using data to learn and iterate. I found little signs of true empathy. 
Until I discovered SUE Amsterdam. A creative agency where digital marketers, psychologists and creatives met to create campaigns, products and services. Where the true power lied in understanding human decision-making to effectively change behaviour. I worked here for a little short of 3 years. Starting as a Behaviour Strategist, evolving to the Persuasion Lead and eventually Insights Lead. I worked on a great deal of campaigns and websites for A-brands in the Netherlands and NGO's with complex fundraising challenges. I also started giving keynotes on the topic of Behaviour Design (how to effectively change human behaviour?).

This all led to the founding of the Behavioural Design Academy. A knowledge institute on the power of behavioural psychology to make better marketing, communication, products and organizations. I started this together with the founders of SUE Amsterdam, Tom de Bruyne and Astrid Groenewegen. I became the Head Teacher and Director of the Academy. In full 2-day formats, we've taught senior industry experts on the topic of behavioural psychology. Having more than 100 alumni (and counting). 

Until I decided to become fully self-employed. It has always been my goal to make a positive impact in our world. And becoming self-employed is the perfect way to work with different people, on different projects. Having my way and finding my way along the way.




I'm becoming more and more convinced that all the topics that I'm passionate about (sustainabilityequalityhappinesshealth) are interlinked. They are all influenced by the bigger system we are living in. And that system is flawed. 

We've ended up in a society that places profit over people. A society that is ruled by a dominance-logic in which people, and earth itself, are disposable. This perverted idea is the core problem to the social, ecological and personal challenges of our time. 

To turn it around, we need an alternative to the system we've grown used to. We need a new system. And we need a convincing story to tell the world all about it.

I'm reading up and writing down. And I'll be trying to help create that system. To help tell that story. So we can move forward towards a future in which we can be happier, healthier and in balance with the world around us. 

If you think we could do this together, please let me know. Because one is only one. And we'll need all we can.